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Since 1969 found by Hyun Ku Kim, Samkyung has grown as the global leading
company for horse equestrian and precise casting hardware manufacturer that
provides to world famous sales and distributors.
Our hardware and horse equipment are known for 50yrs worldwide and highly
competitiveness. We have been quite successful in various hardware parts by
Investment wax casting and notably in supplying to global company worldwide.
Samkyung has grown as the leading company that provides precise construction
products in metal which is particularly aimed to lost wax investment casting
Company Overview
Company name

Samkyung Metal Corporation

Date of Est.

1969, May 19.


Hyun Ku Kim

Company address

Head office : 37-17 Nonhyun Dong, KangNam Ku, Seoul Korea
Factory : Jimo City, Qingdao, China

Tel & Fax

Head office : (02) 540-2301-7 & (02) 540-2308
Factory : +86-532-8906-9808/10, +86-532-8906-9811

Business type Export (Europe, U.S.A, Japan)
Main products Horse Equestrian (bit, spur and stirrup parts) Hardware
Business size Capital : 2.5M USD, Sales amt : 6.50M USD
Number of Employees : 275
Samkyung Metal Corporation has three core business sectors
1. Manufacturing of Equestrian (Horse-riding) gears
2. Manufacturing of Precision Products based on Lost-Wax Investment Casting
3. Agency Business of Duty-Free Brands
Equestrian Gears Division

SMC started to produce equestrian hardware since 1969 form in-house foundry.
With an ultimate goal of customers satisfaction and quality assurance, SMC could supply its KORSTEEL products to famous
companies like Miller’s Harness, JT International, Action Company, and Colorado Saddlery in the past 30 years. Samkyung
owns its supreme quality of today to advice from famous horse trainers and continuing investment for new technology.
Now, most of SMC products are made by Lost-Wax Investment Casting Technology to guarantee fine surface and pinch free

In 1990’s the company started to produce equestrian cut & sew products as well. Now, it produces fine 1,000 Denier horse
blankets, Neoprene girth and horse boots from 200 industrial sewing machines and professional swing workforce.

SMC realizes a new demand, “Bit that cares Horse” from customers in 2010 and is bringing new tooling and production
technology to take an initiative for this new goal.

Lost-Wax Investment Casting Division
SMC started to adopt lost-wax investment casting system since 1980 for a purpose of enhancing quality of equestrian products
from its foundry. It realized many needs for lost-wax-based precision casting products from various clienteles like marine
hardware suppliers, construction and auto industry. SMC continued to reinforce its facilities to accommodate these hi-tech
In the past 15 years, SMC supplied piping system, various joints, marine hardware, dampers and valves to Japanese and
German importers made from various alloy material as well as standard stainless.
Now, all product batches from the foundry bear CMTR (Certificate of Material Test Report) Produced from Hilga Metal Analyzer
and Quality Reinforce Team checks every detail dimension and surface condition.
In 2000, SMC signed a contract with SIEMENS for Impeller supply and started to supply stainless steel cookware for Allclad in
U.S. and Lagostina in Italy.
Duty-Free Agency Business
SMC started to represent luxury brands in Korean duty-free since 1970's as Mr. KIM started his career as purchasing manager
of Korea National Tourism Organization. SMC commenced its official agency operations in 1978, representing L'Oreal Group and
Kraft Jacobs Suchard in Korean duty-free stores. Its operations expanded with local market retail sales of Salvatore Ferragamo
and Ermenegildo Zegna at its own fashion boutique KIMODE.
In 2010, SMC focuses on in-flight and airport duty free stores, as duty-free business transforms from luxury shopping malls to
travel retail stores. And, it concentrates more on cosmetic, fragrance, and confectionery brands to these trends.
Now, SMC represents following top brands to Korean Air and KNTO
- Cosmetic & Fragrance : Lancome, Helena Rubinstein, Biothem, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani
- Confectionery : Kraft Foods, Paton's Macadamia, Mars, FAUCHON
- Fashion : LANVIN Total Fashion, Charles Jourdan Watch, Guy Laroche Watch
Investment Casting
Manufacturing of Precision Products based on Lost-wax investment Casting manufacturing of equestrian (Horse-riding) gears.
Agency Business of Duty-Free Brands.
Casting Products
Now all product batches from the foundry bear CMTR (Certificate of Material Test Report) Produced from Hilga Metal Analyzer
and Quality Reinforce Team checks every detail dimension and surface condition.
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