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We at Samkyung are one of the leading lost wax investment
casting companies founded in South Korea in 1969.
We took a big
leap on the dynamic step in Qing-dao, China as a forerunner of planting in
abroad. It was the innovative and creative idea that we are able to reduce the
labor cost and more competitive manufacturer in a view of not only the quality
but also the price. We have continued to keep our commitment of best quality
product and service to our customer with strict compliance in ISO standard
and No.1 superior status in this industry in China, even in Asia.

Moreover, we have strong ambitious high-performing teams who persistently pursue the ultimate goal of flawless performing system with rational price-
offering and best service to our target customer.
Our highly-qualified metallurgists, knowledgeable engineers and dexterous
craftspeople collaborate to move forward aim to the much higher quality and
do their best assuring of customer’s satisfaction.

We promise our customers, including our friends who have been spending 40
years with Samkyung, to provide our discreet attitude, training, your
satisfaction and value-added service.

Qualified persons, qualified values, qualified products, we remain.

Samkyung Trading Corporation
Qingdao Samkyung Metals Co., Ltd
CEO and Chairman
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