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"Samkyung strives for the utmost dedication to complete customer satisfaction."
Best technology, best quality
SK , Core technics know-how Lost Wax Investment Casting for 40years
Since establishment of company in 1970, Samkyung took its first step as Horse equestrian and Lost wax investment casting
manufacturer in Korea midst of this industry. Current affluent human resource and elite team members of each group put their
passion and endeavor to their work to realize creative development and sense of unity and advanced production systems is a
promise to our customers that Samkyung will serve as the Group's next generation growth engine in hardware industry.
What is more, Samkyung will build trust-based solid relationship with our customers, backed up by our driving force which is to
growth with our customers to offer quality-assured technology and future-oriented spirit of challenge.
Committed to develop long last and sustainability of precision products that meet the world's highest quality standards,
Samkyung has been implementing its mid to long-term quality enhancement goals in phases. With single product portfolio
management as its goal, the company verifies the quality of prior phase, parts and assembly process, responds early to any
quality issues in the market and makes essential adjustments, and actively seeks customer evaluation of quality for continual
The optimum quality gained from these activities and processes directly translates into the end user's satisfaction.
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